A blog about Cyberculture and ICTs.

About Candace

I am currently a fourth year New Media student at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

I like reading, writing, music, movies, watching series. Dr Gregory House is my hero. I’d rather take an avocado out of the fruit basket than an apple, and I’ll never say no to strawberries. I’m also possibly addicted to cheese, if such a thing is possible.

Give me a cuppacino and a decent novel (I’ve discovered a love for fantasy – think Raymond E Feist and Terry Pratchett) and I’m set for the afternoon. I read really quickly, so my novel may only last that long.

I’m fascinated by history, biographies, famous people (not Paris or Britney, I’m talking Marie Curie, Winston Churchill).I think I may have belonged to another era, I don’t think I quite fit here. I could’ve existed quite happily in the early 20th century. Not that I’m old-fashioned, I might add – I would have been one of those women fighting for women’s rights.

This blog was initially started as a course requirement, but I think I’m enjoying it enough to keep it running.


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